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  • Inspiring Moral Stories: Lessons That Touch the Heart

    Inspiring Moral Stories: Lessons That Touch the Heart
    Give you kids the chance to know how the world is working, how to act and react in normal and difficult situations they may face and how to choose the good for themselves
  • Encyclopedia in Augmented reality "DINOSAURS"

    Encyclopedia in Augmented reality "DINOSAURS"
    Today we are going to introduce a wonderful book, that mix between reading and technology which makes your kids live an awesome experience and learn about the ages of Dinosaurs and the different types of these creatures. link: The topic we chose today is ARIZONASAURUS 243-200 Million years ago Triassic period We know little about the arizonasaurus as scientists have found only two remaining fossil samples! The first discovery was made by American palaeontologist Samuel Paul Welles in 1947. He found a jaw and several teeth in the Moenkopi Formation (Arizona, USA). Fifty years later, another...
  • Today’s Book “The Beginning of the Universe”

    Today’s Book “The Beginning of the Universe”
    Today’s Book “a subject from inside a book” BIG Book of KNOWLEDGE “The Beginning of the Universe” The big bang theory is a scientific theory on how our universe, out star and galaxies were formed. The universe was originally a hot dense superforce known as the singularity. Then, about 13.5 billion years ago, it started expanding rapidly, quickly forming atoms which in turn led to the information of stars and galaxies. Falling temperature and the afterglow: The big bang theory predicted that the early universe was a very hot place, As the universe expanded, the...
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