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Encyclopedia in Augmented reality "DINOSAURS"


Today we are going to introduce a wonderful book, that mix between reading and technology which makes your kids live an awesome experience and learn about the ages of Dinosaurs and the different types of these creatures.

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The topic we chose today is ARIZONASAURUS

243-200 Million years ago

Triassic period

We know little about the arizonasaurus as scientists have found only two remaining fossil samples!

The first discovery was made by American palaeontologist Samuel Paul Welles in 1947. He found a jaw and several teeth in the Moenkopi Formation (Arizona, USA).

Fifty years later, another American palaeontologist, Sterling Nesbitt, found an almost complete skeleton.

According to modern explorations, arizonasaurus were not actually dinosaurs. They belong to archosaurs, the ancient reptiles that inhabited the planet during the Triassic period.

They were a dominating species and the top of the food chain before dinosaurs reigned.

Nobody knows for sure, why arizonasaurus needed its sail.

Some scientists believe this lizard was cold-blooded, so it used its sail for temperature control. The sail helped save and distribute warmth during sunbathing. However, it could also be cooled quickly by moving the shade when thje lizard felt too hot.

There's also a belief that the sail could function much like a camel's hump. That means the arizonasaurus stored fat and nutritious substances to maintain energy in times of food shortages.

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