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Today’s Book “The Beginning of the Universe”


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“The Beginning of the Universe”

The big bang theory is a scientific theory on how our universe, out star and galaxies were formed. The universe was originally a hot dense superforce known as the singularity. Then, about 13.5 billion years ago, it started expanding rapidly, quickly forming atoms which in turn led to the information of stars and galaxies.

Falling temperature and the afterglow:

The big bang theory predicted that the early universe was a very hot place, As the universe expanded, the gas within it started cooling down. Thus, the universe was filled with radiation that was actually remnant heat left over from the big bang. This primary light, or the after glow, is known as the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR).

Oscillation Model Theory:

According to this theory, the universe goes through a cycle process. It started with Big Bang and will continue till the universe expands to it’s maximum size. At this point, there will be a rapid contraction, called the Big Crunch, until the universe contracts back to a single point.

This singularity would then explode again restarting the cycle.

External Inflation Theory:

According to this theory, the rapid expansion, following the Big Bang, never stopped. It continues to other universes. Thus, this inflation is “eternal”.

In theories of eternal inflation, the phase of inflation of our universe’s expansion will never end. This is true for only some regions of our universe.

The Hawking-Turok Theory:

Rather than explaining the Big Bang itself, this theory tries to explain that the Big Bang needed an impetus which was provided by a particle described as an “instanton”.

This instanton is a hypothetical particle that the mass of a pea but is much, much more smaller in size.

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