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16 Space Books for Kids that are Out of this World


16 Space Books for Kids that are Out of this World

Do you have a little astronaut who LOVES outer space?  You’re in luck because I’ve got 10 space books that will have kids of all ages over the moon.  Stars, planets, astronauts, the moon, and stars are such a popular topic among the youngest readers and children’s books about space are a great way to encourage that curiosity.

Space Books for Kids
Let’s explore space books!


We have created a list of great books that will have kids looking differently at the night sky. These kids books investigate black holes to dwarf planet identification, from the moon landing to space travel, these space exploration and astronomy books will inspire little learners through one interesting topic after another!

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1. My Very First Space Book

Geared for ages 3+, this non-fiction book with sturdy board pages introduces space in a fun way without being overwhelming to younger readers.  It covers topics like space school, asteroids, planets, stars, the galaxy, and more all in a highly visual way that appeals to a young audience.  Perfect for preschool, your little astronaut will be so engaged while looking at all the amazing illustrations with small bits of text on each page.  A great introduction to the space program and the perfect first space book!

2. Shine a Light on the Space Station

Grab a flashlight and get ready for some fun!  This book from the best-selling Shine a Light series, answers questions like ‘what do astronauts eat in space?’ or ‘where do they sleep?’.  Each page has a hidden object that your little astronaut can reveal by shining a flashlight behind the page or holding the page up to the light making this one of our favorite awesome space books.

3. Dr. Maggie’s Grand Tour of the Solar System

Dr. Maggie (a real space scientist) takes readers on a journey around the solar system in this 100+ full-color illustrated book in this space version of a series of lovely science books.  Some of these illustrations are so realistic looking – it’s just amazing!  Most of the text is in colorful blurbs on each page, leaving lots of space to give readers’ eyes a rest.  This book is perfect for space lovers who still want lots of color and pictures in their books. 

4. That’s a Job? I like Space

I’m a firm believer that it’s never too early to start talking to kids about their future career ideas.  And astronaut is such a popular answer for young kids that this big book of space jobs is a great thing to have on hand.  With 25 jobs that involve working with space, kids can learn that it takes a lot of people to put astronauts into space including the International Space Station.  Did you know there are space lawyers?!  Kids can learn about a ‘day in the life’ of these fascinating space careers and make their dreams a reality! A bit like their first astronaut handbook.

5. Space Magic Painting

Umm, painting with just water?? Yes, please!  These Magic Painting books are so fun!  My girls do them immediately when we get new ones. Each book comes with a paintbrush and you just need a bowl of water and PRESTO!  Beautiful colors appear on the paper.  This space themed painting book has pictures of asteroids, planets, rockets blasting off, and more!  The paper is nice and thick, too, so no worries about your little artist getting too much water and the paper ripping.  If you have another kiddo who doesn’t love space as much, this is the perfect book because there are other themes, too!

6. Space Word Searches

Kids love word searches!  I like this book because it’s on the smaller side, so it’s nice and easy for little hands to hold on their lap at the doctor’s office or in the car.  There are over 100 word searches in this book and lots of colorful, cartoony illustrations along with interesting facts about space.  My 7 and 9 year olds loves these word searches because the grids are too big, but just challenging enough. This word search book would make a perfect stocking stuffer!

7. Look Inside Space

This fascinating flip book for young children ages 3+ has tons of sturdy flaps, simple text and colorful illustrations that your little astronaut will love!  They will learn about the moon, stars, planets, and more with small chunks of information and LOTS of amazing pictures and illustrations.

8. 100 Things to Know About Space

The 100 Things to Know About series is a perfect fit launch pad for kids who devour new and fun facts! This friendly fun book breaks down all the space information into bite-sized chunks and “infographic” style illustrations that work well for kids of all ages including older children.

9. Space Puzzles Pad

This tear-off pad of word and number puzzles with a fun space theme is perfect for keeping your kiddo occupied in the car, at the doctor’s office, or just when you need a few minutes to get dinner on the table. They will crack an alien code, zoom through a galaxy maze, spot the differences, and more in this fun space activity pad. There are some directions to read, so it’s good for an independent reader or you can read the directions to them. (That’s what I do for my 5 year old.)

10. Build Your Own: Space Warriors

Kids are never too old for sticker books! These Build Your Own sticker books are like a “puzzle on a page” where kids have to find the missing pieces from the back to complete their space warriors. There are eleven pages including a cyborg ninja, alien time-traveler, and more! (The pictures can be a little intense, so this if perfect for older kids who are over the cutsey stickers.) Not into space aliens? There are lots of other themes, too!

11. Wipe Clean Space Activities

Practice pen control with fun space activities! Children can complete mazes, dot-to-dot, space things to draw, and more again and again with the included wipe-clean marker. All the activities are space-themed like tracing satellite paths, space shuttle spotting the difference between astronauts, or choosing the missing piece to a command control computer screen!

12. Big Book of Stars and Planets

With 16 pages and 4 GIANT fold-outs, this is a MUST HAVE for every space lover! Our Sun, the planets, massive stars, and more all come to life with the gorgeous pictures and illustrations. A great gift idea!

13. Astronomy

Do you have a new reader who loves space and wants to read about it on his or her own? This astronomy book is perfect for that! Part of the beginners series, this exciting book is geared towards children who are beginning to read on their own. Each page has a full page real-life pictures and bite-sized chunks of info on topics like the Sun, planets, Milky Way, telescopes, story of the stars and more!

14. 100 Paper Spaceships to Fold and Fly

100 decorated tear-out sheets fold into spaceships, alien motherships, and more to provide hours of fun for your space lover! There are (easy) folding instructions, flying tips, and challenges, too!

15. Dogs in Space

Follow two stray dogs from Moscow, Belka and Strelka, as they become the first animals to orbit Earth and return home safely in this picture book based on true events! There is even a timeline in the back of animal space launches and the Space Race!

16. Living in Space

Another space book from Usborne Books & More’s Beginners series! Your newly independent reader will learn things like how astronauts travel in space, where do they live, what do astronauts do all day, and more amazing facts about living in space! Each page has a beautiful, real-life picture and easy to digest bite-sized chunks of text that is just the right amount for young readers.


Does your child have a favorite book about space that we have missed?

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