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Kids & Money Episode 01


Hosted by: Chad Jones

November, 2021

The goal of our new podcast series, Kids & Money, is to be a resource for parents to assist in educating children regarding finances. We discuss the core concepts everyone deals with when it comes to money and provide an overview of the lessons this podcast series will cover. Chad Jones, our host, has learned that no matter an individual’s demographics, there are core concepts for a successful relationship with money. He plans to explain these concepts on a child’s level so parents can help prepare them for a healthy relationship with money as an adult.

In this episode we cover:

  • Educating children regarding finances if you struggle with this subject (5:24)
  • There are core concepts everyone deals with when it comes to money (7:08)
  • It is smart for couples to combine all debt they bring to the relationship (10:15)
  • Communication is key to successful relational money management (12:01)
  • Money is central to a relationship (14:38)
  • How to prepare your child to make a more rational decision when it comes to money (21:23)
  • How does society’s definition of “rich” affect my child’s understanding of money (25:01)
  • How “rich” should be defined (29:52)
  • Teaching kids the lesson of, “Do you really need this?” before they make a purchase by age range (36:19)
  • If you are going to give an allowance, make sure kids earn it by accomplishing tasks so they have ownership of how they spend (40:13)

Links From the Show:

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Financial Life Lesson For Kids

Books Mentioned in this Show:

The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

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