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where did marco polo travel to


His father was called Niccolo Polo. The Polos travel by sea from the Chinese port city of Quanzhou to Sumatra Sri Lanka India and finally to Persia.

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. He wrote Il Milione known in English as The Travels of Marco Polo. Italian explorer and merchant noted for travel to central and eastern Asia. The Polos traveled through Acre modern-day Israel Jerusalem Persia Armenia Anatola Georgia Baghdad Afghanistan and Tartary en route to the Far East.

Marco Polos travels to Asia 127195 immortalized in his Travels of Marco Polo. He travelled with his uncle and father. Venetian merchant and adventurer Marco Polo traveled from Europe to Asia from 1271 to 1295.

Where did this renaissance take place. Marco Polo was an Italian traveler who is probably the most renowned Western traveler of China in ancient times. Marco Polo was born in a merchant family in Venice in 1254.

Marco his father and his uncle set out from Venice in 1271 and reached China in. Marco Polo dressed in Tartar costume. Along the way he visited many great cities and saw many sites including the holy city of Jerusalem the mountains of the Hindu Kush Persia and the Gobi Desert.

The Travels of Marco Polo dictated by him described Chinese politics economy and culture in detail which greatly aroused the desire of westerner to go to China and had a great effect on the European navigation. They traveled the Silk Road to China where he met the great ruler Kublai Khan. The Polos return to Venice and tell their stories of the East to doubting Venetians.

The Polos spent a total of 17 years in China. Marco Polo was a merchant in Venice before he became the famous explorer we know today. What was traded on the Silk Road.

Marco Polo travelled throughout Asia and went across the Silk Path. Who was more successful. A sheepskin map believed to be a copy of the 13th century Italian explorers may indicate that Marco Polo came upon modern-day Alaska and Washington during his travels around Asia.

This article is about the trader and explorer. He traveled for 24 years through various countries which are Armenia Persia Afghanistan Turkey Iraq Iran Myanmar India China Mongolia and many more. Marco Polos travels took him to places like China Singapore and locations in present-day Iran Sri Lanka and India.

A well-known traveler and explorer Marco Polo headed for China along the Silk Road in the Yuan Dynasty 12711368. Marco Polos travels to Asia 127195 immortalized in his Travels of Marco Polo. Marco Polo in Venice.

Silk Spices Jewelry Cultures. It took Marco Polo three years to get to China. Jump to navigation Jump to search.

Marco Polo in Venice. It was also a great chance for the kids to see how the maps connected together and put some geography into this homeschool history because prior to this our other map lessons had been pretty much on. You cant talk about Marco Polo and his trip to China without getting out a few maps.

Marco Polos Travels Along the Silk Road. Marco Polo 1254-1324 was a Venetian merchant believed to have journeyed across Asia at the height of the Mongol Empire. He went to the.

Polo traveled extensively with his family journeying from Europe to Asia from 1271 to 1295 and remaining in China for 17 of those years. Through it all Marco Polo marveled at Chinas cultural customs great wealth and complex social structure. What game did the Aztecs play.

Then what did Marco Polo discover. How many countries did Marco Polo travel to. Why did Marco Polo leave Venice.

Explore the routes taken by this Venetian merchant as well as what happened. He met a lot of different types of people and had many adventures. Where did Marco Polo go on his travels.

At 17 he left Venice with his father and uncle. Hope this helped x. When did the Silk Road begin.

Marco Polo was a Venetian explorer known for the book The Travels of Marco Polo which describes his voyage to and experiences in Asia. Travels of the Polo family Marco Polos travels to Asia 127195 immortalized in his Travels of Marco Polo. Where did Marco Polo travel to for 17 years.

Marco his father and his uncle set out from Venice in 1271 and reached China in 1275. What countries did Marco Polo visit. From Wikipedia the free encyclopedia.

Venetian merchant and adventurer Marco Polo traveled from Europe to Asia from 1271 to 1295. What did Marco Polo find. He is the one who had traveled farthest among his predecessors.

He was impressed with the empires paper money efficient communication system coal burning gunpowder and porcelain and. He ended up visiting many destinations in China including famous tourist areas today such as Beijing Xian and Hangzhou. Marco traveled much of China and the east and his stories were written into a popular book.

Kublai Khan sends the Polos to escort a Mongol princess to her betrothed in the Ilkhanate in Persia. Marco his father and his uncle set out from Venice in 1271 and reached China in 1275. At the age of 17 Marco Polo left Venice on a journey along the Silk Road with his father and uncle.

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