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Best toy dinosaurs 2021 for kids of all ages

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  • Prehistoric playtime is always going to be a firm favourite of children both big and small, but what are the best toy dinosaurs out there?

    The growing appeal of the extinct scaly reptiles over recent years means that most parents know their triceratops from their stegosaurus. If you have a little dinosaur enthusiast in your life, chances are that dinosaur toys are often included on Christmas and birthday lists.



    So, whether you’re looking for a baby’s first dino or something to add to a future paleontologist’s growing collection, we’ve searched high and low for the best toy dinosaurs. 

    And while you might already be scouting out the top Christmas toys 2021, it may be worth adding one or two of these to your shopping list too before they fly off the shelves.

    The best toy dinosaurs you can buy right now

    Hunting down the best toy dinosaurs to be found has the potential to raise you to hero level in the eyes of your little dino fan. So we’ve made it easy for you by seeking out the most fun ones you can currently buy.



    We made our choices by consulting some very serious dinosaur enthusiasts (our kids), taking into account parent reviews, and making sure we had a balance of fun, educational and imaginative options on the list.

    Plus, we spoke to Peter Jenkinson, from Toyology, which provides news and reviews on the latest toys available, about what makes toy dinosaurs so popular.

    He said:  “Second only to vehicles, dinosaurs are the favourite toys by a country mile and they’re most certainly more gender-neutral than ever. The combination of children reading dinosaur books and kid-friendly films and TV shows leads them to this intense interest – which they then discover that many other kids share.”

    So here’s our round-up of the best toy dinosaurs, from retailers including John Lewis, The Entertainer, and Smyth’s Toys.

    Pocket Dinosaurs

    Credit: JoJo Maman Bébé

    Pocket Dinosaurs

    Age suitability: 3 years + | Batteries required: No

    These cute Pocket Dinosaurs feature 12 of your little one’s favourite dinos, which are perfect to play with at home or out on the go. Made from wood and painted in bright eye-catching colours, these characters are perfect for open-ended and imaginative play.

    The set also includes two little volcanoes and four trees and will provide hours of entertainment. They also look lovely displayed in a nursery or playroom.

    The Pocket Dinosaurs also come in a handy box with a carry handle and we found them to be perfect to take out and about, whether it was on a lunch date with friends or a family camping trip.   

    Our three-year-old reviewer had a great time creating secret worlds and playing dinosaur hide and seek with the set and immediately asked to play with them again the next day.


    Melissa and Doug natural play

    Credit: Amazon

    2. Play, Draw, Create Reusable Drawing & Magnet Kit

    Age suitability: 3 years + | Batteries required: No

    This dinosaur-themed reusable drawing and magnet activity kit will provide hours of fun for any dino fan.

    Melissa & Doug is well-known for creating toys that encourage imaginative play and fine motor skills. We think this is a great option for some screen-free play when you’re out and about in the car or waiting for food to arrive in a restaurant.

    With 41 magnets and five dry-erase markers, the set contains a built-in magnetic board and a 13-page activity book.

    Amazon customer Rachel says: “10/10 recommend for any mum of a kid obsessed with dinosaurs or drawing. My daughter uses this from sun up to sun down and talks about it non-stop.” 

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £15.99

    Dinosaur Guess Who?

    Credit: Natural History Museum

    3. Guess Who? Dinosaur Edition

    Age suitability: 3 years + | Batteries required: No

    Does it have a crest? Does it have feathers? Does it have a beak?

    The classic guessing board game has been reimagined for the Natural History Museum, helping kids to identify dinosaurs.

    If you have a little dinosaur enthusiast who knows everything there is to know about the different species, then this is definitely the best dinosaur gift for them.

    A great game for the whole family to play, choose your dinosaurs, then ask your opponent questions about theirs to help narrow down the options. Whoever correctly guesses first wins.

    One reviewer wrote: “Our grandchildren love the Guess Who? game. It’s even more fun when it involves dinosaurs!”


    Paleontologist Play Set

    Credit: JoJo Maman Bébé

    4. Paleontologist Play Set

    Age suitability: 3 years + | Batteries required: No

    This Paleontologist Play Set is sure to be a big hit with little explorers who are keen to learn everything they can about the world of dinosaurs. 

    The sturdy wooden kit comes with everything an aspiring paleontologist needs. from tools like a pickaxe, trowel, brush and kaleidoscope ‘magnifying glass to examine their finds, to a handy compass to find their way. Plus, of course, there’s a chalkboard to document all of their important discoveries.

    In addition, the set includes two magnetic fossils, which can be split open and two raised dinosaur puzzles.

    Everything fits neatly inside a cute discovery kit case, so they can take it wherever their next adventure awaits.

    We tried this out with a three-year-old who declared it to be her “new favourite toy” and spent more than an hour hiding and ‘discovering’ the fossils and bones. We were particularly impressed with the sturdiness of all of the pieces, which have been designed with little hands in mind. 


    Best toy dinosaurs - Jellycat Fossilly Stegosaurus

    Credit: John Lewis

    5. Jellycat stegosaurus soft toy

    Age suitability: 0 years + | Batteries required: No

    Who said dinosaurs can’t be cuddly? We couldn’t make a list of the best toy dinosaurs without including this super cute Fossilly Stegosaurus, who will be a gorgeous addition to any child’s cuddly toy collection. 

    Part of the beautiful Jellycat range, this adorable dinosaur has soft, foldy spines, chunky little legs, and a long, loping tail. 

    With its friendly lovable face and squishy body, this is sure to become a firm cuddle favourite for your little one. A perfect companion at bedtime.


    Best toy dinosaurs - eeBoo Dinosaurs Matching Memory Game

    Credit: John Lewis

    6. Dinosaurs Memory & Matching Game

    Age suitability: 3 years + | Batteries required: No

    Do you ever feel like your dinosaur-mad child knows way more about dinos than you ever will? From the Dracorex to the Allosaurus, why not swot up on the different species while playing a fun family game?

    Beautifully illustrated by Monika Forsberg, the Eeboo Dinosaurs Matching & Memory Game contains 18 pairs to match.

    This fun game improves memory and learning skills and is the perfect size to take on holiday.

    Reviewer Pippa said: “This is lovely quality. It’s so helpful that the phonetic spelling is used for the dinosaur names too!”


    Build It Dinosaur Set

    Credit: John Lewis

    7. Build It Dinosaur Set

    Age suitability: 3 years + | Batteries required: No

    If you have a child who’s always putting things together and taking them apart, then this fun building set will be right up their street.

    Using the chunky screwdriver, it’s easy to assemble the dinosaur body parts to create a tyrannosaurus rex, triceratops, and stegosaurus.

    The set helps to develop fine motor skills and hand-to-eye coordination and also encourages imaginative play.


    Melissa and Doug dinosaur stamps

    Credit: Argos

    8. Wooden Dinosaur Stamp Set

    Age suitability: 4 years + | Batteries required: No

    If your little one isn’t a big fan of arts and crafts, this Melissa & Doug set may be just the encouragement they need to sit down and get creative. The eight stamps can be used to make prehistoric scenes or create little cards for family and friends.

    The two colour ink pad, with washable, non-toxic ink, and five coloured pencils means the dinosaurs will look different every time, which will lead to hours of play.

    This set got lots of five-star reviews from happy family members. One reviewer wrote: “My nephew absolutely loved these. They kept him occupied and he thoroughly enjoyed making cards.”

    VIEW AT ARGOS | £11

    Credit: Not on the High Street

    9. Personalised Make Your Own Dinosaur Garden

    Age suitability: 3 years + | Batteries required: No

    The best dinosaur toys don’t always have to be wild and this kit is a perfect choice for children who enjoy being creative and watching things grow.

    It also makes a lovely gift as the front label can be personalised with the name of the recipient.

    The dinosaur garden comes with wooden shapes, including a stegosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex, eggs, a tree, and a signpost. They can each be decorated with jumbo watercolour pencils and a paintbrush.

    Your little dino enthusiast just needs to add soil to the tin and spread out the wheatgrass seeds which come with the kit.

    Then it’s just a case of watering it every day and enjoying the excitement as the garden begins to grow up around the characters. 


    Best toy dinosaurs - Ride on dinosaur

    Credit: Not on the High Street

    10. Ride In Dinosaur Costume

    Age suitability: 3 years + | Batteries required: No

    Sometimes the best dinosaur toys are also the silliest, and this hilarious costume will be a roar-some addition to any dressing-up box.

    The tyrannosaurus rex outfit includes adjustable straps, a huge padded tail, and scaly step-in trouser legs. It also has a realistic molded head and short padded arms to complete the look.  

    Beautifully made, this costume received the thumbs up from parents who said it was “very well made and great quality”. 

    Children will love chasing their friends in this and it is sure to provide hours of imaginative play. Plus, for parents, that’s every fancy dress party and World Book Day costume sorted!


    Fairtrade dinosaurs

    Credit: Not on the High Street

    11. Fair Trade Dinosaur Play Set 

    Age suitability: 3 years + | Batteries required: No

    This is a brilliant little set to take out and about or to tuck into a suitcase for holidays.

    The zip-up pouch opens to reveal a play landscape, with a river, trees, and a volcanic cave, where the six brightly coloured mini dinosaurs can play.

    Made from cotton woven on traditional wooden handlooms in Sri Lanka, the entire set is machine washable at 30C.

    One reviewer wrote: “The dinosaur pouch was exactly what I hoped for, so lovingly made, extremely versatile, and well worth every penny.”


    Chad Valley talking T-Rex

    Credit: Argos

    12. Talk and Touch T.rex Dinosaur

    Age suitability: 3 years + | Batteries required: Yes – 3 AAA (not included)

    This cute little interactive T.rex received brilliant reviews from parents and family members. At £9 we thought this was a really good price for a fun present.

    With different buttons for eating, stomping, and roaring sounds, this dinosaur encourages auditory skills and absorbs the attention of young children. It also has light-up eyes and movable arms, which help to develop hand-eye coordination.

    But everyone’s favourite feature seems to be the talkback function, which allows the user to record their own voice before playing it back.

    Flora, a reviewer, wrote: “I bought this for my granddaughter and it is so much fun, especially when it talks like grandad!”

    VIEW AT ARGOS | £9

    Best toy dinosaurs - Playmobil dinosaurs

    Credit: Argos

    13. Playmobil Dinosaur Explorer Carry Case

    Age suitability: 3 years + | Batteries required: No

    This Dinosaur Explorer Carry Case is perfect for little adventurers who are out and about.

    Containing two raptors, with movable bodies, the playset also includes a tiny map for the explorer to follow and discover artifacts and fossils.

    As always, Playmobil’s attention to detail is fantastic and all of the pieces can be stored inside the carry case for easy transportation.

    Anne, a reviewer, wrote: “I bought it for my grandson and he takes it everywhere.”

    VIEW AT ARGOS | £15

    Best toy dinosaurs - LEGO Jurassic World

    Credit: Argos

    14. LEGO Jurassic World T.rex Dinosaur Fossil Toy Set

    Age suitability: 7 years + | Batteries required: No

    Dinosaurs + Lego = a gift made in heaven!

    This LEGO Jurassic World set is a great way for older children to learn more about dinosaurs as they create their own Tyrannosaurus rex exhibition.

    As well as the T-Rex, the set also includes a baby triceratops and mini-figures of Jurassic World characters Darius and Owen Grady.

    With a buildable drawing board, plus accessories including a pointer stick, dinosaur egg, teeth fossil, and a leaf, this set is sure to provide hours of fun for LEGO fans.

    An Argos customer had this to say: “My eight-year-old son and his friend had a great time building it together and then playing with the finished product. A great toy for any Jurassic fan.”

    VIEW AT ARGOS | £28

    Dinosaur scooter

    Credit: Smyths Toys

    15. My First Scooter Dinosaur

    Age suitability: 2 years + | Batteries required: No

    This is a great option for a first scooter, as it grows with your child.

    They can start off with four wheels as they learn to get their balance. Then once then become more confident they can switch to three and then two.

    Plus, with its bright dinosaur design, your little one will be so excited to jump on and have their first go.

    The scooter also folds up neatly to carry when out and about or to store away at home.

    VIEW AT SMYTHS TOYS | £19.99

    Dinosaur track

    Credit: Smyths Toys

    16. Jurassic World Dinosaur Track Set

    Age suitability: 3 years + | Batteries required: Yes – 3 AAA (not included)

    This dinosaur track is an exciting way for children to create their very own Jurassic World adventure.

    The great thing about this set is that there is no right or wrong way to build, as the 304 track pieces can be connected in any way to form different routes. There’s also the option to include the dino park’s tunnel, slopes, bridge, and gates.

    Then, once the track is built, it’s time to go exploring with the battery-powered 4×4 jeep. Little explorers just need to beware of the Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Brachiosaurus roaming around!

    Reviewer Ant said: “The track is easily put together and dinosaurs make a change from cars and trains! Our 4-year-old grandson was delighted with this and played with it for hours.”

    VIEW AT SMYTHS TOYS | £19.99

    Lottie fossil hunter

    Credit: Amazon

    17. Lottie Fossil Hunter Doll

    Age suitability: 3 years + | Batteries required: No

    The Lottie Fossil Hunter Doll is perfect for girls and boys with an interest in paleontology. 

    Created to celebrate women in archaeology and geology, Lottie also comes with fossil-finding tools and four ammonite fossils.

    Lottie dolls aim to inspire children and promote STEM subjects. The dolls also comes with special collector cards about the British female fossil hunter Mary Anning and notable women in paleontology sheet.

    Sarah, a reviewer, wrote: “I’m so glad this doll is a girl paleontologist. My daughter has loved dinosaurs since she was a baby and has been saying that she wants to be a paleontologist since she was tiny. It’s so great that your product promotes the idea of girl and women scientists.”

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £23.95

    Clementoni dinosaur

    Credit: Currys

    18. Moving Dinosaur Science Kit

    Age suitability: 6 years + | Batteries required: Yes – 3 AAA (not included)

    Let your little one learn while having fun with this Science Museum-approved moving dinosaur kit.

    With more than 130 parts, this set allows your little scientist to assemble five different dinosaur pets. Once they’ve made their Tyrannosaurus rex, Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and Pterodactyl they can then watch the motorised models walk or flap their wings.

    Reviewer Denise said: “This is an excellent product that helps children learn a number of skills.”

    VIEW AT CURRYS | £24.99

    Sandsational set

    Credit: The Entertainer

    19. Sandsational Jurassic Classic Set

    Age suitability: 3 years + | Batteries required: No

    Is there anything more satisfying than creating your own sand sculptures?

    With four bags of bright sand and two bags of glitter sand, plus 13 dinosaur molds, this is sure to keep your little ones busy as they create their own dinosaur lands.

    The sand can be squeezed, shaped, and sculpted and never dries out, so it can be used again and again.

    Plus the set comes with a play tray to ensure that it’s mess-free fun.


    Monopoly Jurassic Park

    Credit: The Entertainer

    20. Monopoly Jurassic Park Edition

    Age suitability: 8 years + | Batteries required: No

    If you’re looking for a fun board game to keep everyone entertained, this Monopoly Jurassic Park Edition is sure to tick all of the boxes.

    The classic board game has been given a fearsome makeover, as players compete to secure dinosaur paddocks and other areas while watching out for the Tyrannosaurus rex who doesn’t follow the rules.

    With classic Jurassic World characters included in the box, this Monopoly is perfect for a family game night.


    Pitter Patter Pets Dance With Me Dinosaur

    Credit: The Entertainer

    21. Pitter Patter Pets Dance With Me Dinosaur

    Age suitability: 3 years + | Batteries required: Yes – 3 AA (not included)

    If you’ve got a little one who’s always on the move, this interactive pet is sure to keep them busy.

    Children can take the dinosaur for a walk using the attached lead and then dance along with it as it grooves to the funky music.

    This shiny cute scaly dino got the seal of approval from parents. Sam said: “I bought this as a gift for a dinosaur mad 4-year-old and it went down a storm. He loves it. I am assured it’s very cute how it wiggles it’s tail and makes the perfect pet!”


    Best toy dinosaurs - Erupting volcano

    Credit: Schleich

    22. Dinosaurs Volcano Expedition Base Camp

    Age suitability: 3 years + | Batteries required: Yes – 4 button cell batteries (included) and 3 AA batteries (not included)

    The Schleich Dinosaurs Volcano Expedition Base Camp is definitely one for those who love the action and simply had to make it onto our list of best toy dinosaurs.

    The volcano eruption function allows stones to be catapulted from the crater, while it vibrates and smokes. Will researcher Yuki make it to the escape chute, which leads to the secret cave in time?

    The set also comes with an Ankylosaurus and Giganotosaurus and has a dangerous dino sound effect.

    This brand new dinosaur toy from Schleich has already received great reviews. Constance said: “My 5-year-old grandson loves volcanoes and dinosaurs! It’s a very well-crafted, durable, and life-like set. I am sure he will get years of creative play with this product.”

    VIEW AT SMYTHS TOYS | £89.99

    Dinosaur pop-up tent

    Credit: Amazon

    23. Dinosaur Discovery Play Tent with Roar Button

    Age suitability: 3 years + | Batteries required: Yes – 3 LR44 batteries (included) and 2 AA (not included)

    Every child loves having their own special space and this pop-up play tent is perfect for dinosaur mad boys and girls.

    Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, parents have said how easy it is to put up and the roar button seems to be the biggest selling point for kids!

    Brightly decorated with prehistoric scenes, this tent is sure to provide hours of fun.

    An Amazon customer had this to say about this item: “I bought this for my grandson who is dinosaur mad. He just loves it. It’s his special place.”

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £29.99

    Remote control dinosaur

    Credit: Amazon

    24. Remote Control T.rex Dinosaur 

    Age suitability: 6 years + | Batteries required: Yes – 1 Lithium ion battery (included)

    Step back in time with this realistic roaring Velociraptor. Older kids will love this remote-controlled dinosaur, which moves just like the real creatures would have done.

    With flexible joints and neck, this dino can swing its tail and sway its body as it moves in all directions thanks to the remote control.

    This toy dinosaur received great online reviews, with parents and family members saying how much fun children of all ages have found it.

    VIEW AT AMAZON | £47.59

    Best toy dinosaurs - Walk With Me Dinosaur

    Credit: John Lewis

    25. Walk With Me Dinosaur 

    Age suitability: 18 months + | Batteries required: Yes – 2 AA (not included)

    What could be cuter than a pet dinosaur? Last but not least of our best toy dinosaurs is this super friendly one from John Lewis, which wags its tail and shakes its head.

    Plus, it’s sure to keep curious little ones entertained, as it lights up and plays a tune.

    The remote control to operate it is easy to use, with big buttons for little hands. There’s also a choice of volume levels for grown-ups, as well as optional silent mode.

    John Lewis customer Lauren wrote: “I bought this for my son’s second birthday and he loves it! It works really well even on carpet and he loves the easy-to-use remote to make the dinosaur move. It’s a great product and gets played with so much.”


    What are the best toy dinosaurs out there?

    There are so many fantastic dinosaur toys available to buy right now. In putting together our best toy dinosaurs list we tried to find a mixture of products that were fun, educational, and will keep little ones entertained for a while.

    We spoke to lots of parents, read plenty of reviews, and asked our own children what they think are the best toy dinosaurs out there.

    Our final round-up of the best toy dinosaurs includes science sets, board games, dressing-up outfits, and interactive dinos. Hopefully, there is something there for every dinosaur fan, big or small.

    And if you want Peter’s advice about the best toy dinosaurs to go for, he says: “The best toy dinosaur should really be BIG and if you can find one that roars, all the better!”

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